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  • The Lords Alliance

    The Lords' Alliance is a confederation among the rulers of various northern settlements. The number of members on the Council of Lords, the group's governing body, shifts depending on the changing status of member cities and political tensions in the …

  • Dwarfholds of the North

    The various dwarven communities of the North are the heirs and survivors of Delzoun, the great Northkingdom of long ago. Despite continually warring over the centuries with the ores and goblinoids of the region, and having to fight off assaults from below …

  • Island Kingdoms

    Off the western coast of Faen1n are a number of island realms of varying size. The most distant, and yet perhaps the most symbolically important to the mainland, is Evermeet, the island paradise of the elves, reputed to be a part of the divine realm of …

  • Independent Realms

    Interspersed among the [[Dwarfholds of the North | fortresses of the dwarves]] and the settlements protected by the [[The Lords Alliance | Lord's Alliance]] are significant sites that have no collective character, except that they exist largely outside …

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